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Ryerson University (Canada)


As a Ryerson University student, I get to walk through the heart of downtown Toronto each and every day on my way to class. This trip never fails to entertain me with all sorts of people watching, from students in inspiring creative clothes to big fashion oh-no’s. Lately though, I’ve been noticing there is one common thread around Ryerson’s campus – a thread of leather.

You may recall the popularity of leather jackets when we first went back to school last Fall. Most store windows were lined with black leather jackets that gave off a “too-cool-for-school, where’s-my-motorcycle” vibe. Yes, black goes with everything, and yes, it has the classic look unmatched by any other shade. But this time around, there’s some competition. Spring is going to be showered with leather jackets in all different colours. Shades in the brown family like beige, copper, and chocolate are especially in right now. Whether you prefer buttons or a zipper, belted or unbelted, hood or no hood, there are enough variations in this unisex trend to satisfy everyone’s craving.


The best part about a leather jacket is that it can be easily dressed up or down. Wearing it with jeans and a scarf gives off a cool, casual feel and sporting it on top of a dress instantly adds style. It may be tough to find a cheap leather jacket, but it’s just one of this season’s items that is definitely worth the splurge. So just choose your colour and you’re set. No one will ask you where you left your bike.


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