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RMIT University (Australia)- Brunswick Campus Here come the girls…


RMIT’s school of fashion and textiles is the hub for fabric production in Melbourne’s uni-land so you’ll normally find the students tucked a way behind a loom, or battling with a giant ball of yarn. On the odd occasion where we get a chance to step outside the studios, one quickly notices the abundance of females that are out in strong force- so we’re taking a moment to check out the sartorial splendour of the fairer sex on campus…

Oh so pretty skirts are a common feature around campus. For the mid-length fuller shapes, cinched in waistlines are still top notch. These two mash it up with plains and patterns from top to booted toe.


Doc’s and brogues are always classic footwear favourites to kick about in. When it comes to dressing, splashes of bright colour over a darker palette make key pieces stand out.


It’s the little touches that can put a sparkle in your smile. Everyone loves a good brooch, and apparently you can hike up the novelty factor by finding a matching jacket!…


Winter is on its way in Melbourne but we refuse to let Jack Frost bite our dainty necks! Scarves are seeing a huge resurgence in all shapes and forms.


Classic chunky knits are always a favourite around campus. Interesting shapes and a loose fit means it can be thrown over anything- including a plain top and your favourite pair of jeans. Contempo Casual. Too easy.


On those really chilly days it’s time to bring in the big guns. A well-cut trench is the perfect way to fend off old man winter whilst looking chic as all hell. Classic black is still in heavy demand but adding friendly details like a soft scarf help to steer these outfits clear from funeral territory.

-Love Julie Newton


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