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McGill University (Canada)

At McGill, we definitely do have a little something for everyone. We have the skinny jeans with ballerina flats, the hemp hippy wearers, the AA patent leggings with leather coats, the funny foreigners, and the-whatever-is-lying-around students.


There is no shortage of individuality or uniqueness on our campus, because everyone has an opinion, be it a Phil major or a Chem major, and we all want to be heard. What every student is telling us though is, recession or no recession, we are in full bloom. So on the runways, we saw “depression era chic,” ie: fringes, sheers, very Great Gatsby. We also saw shape and structure; big shoulders and dropped crotches.


At school, I want to see the clash. I’ve already seen the patterns come out on campus – definitely plaids, florals, and paisleys. I’m hoping to see the pairing of these feminine flirty pieces with structured masculine forms – the ultimate spring time limbo.


What I am saying is oversized sheer detailed white cotton tops with M0851 black bombers, fringed totes/sandals with arabian night dropped crotch genie crops.


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  1. Where are the students – in class or library?

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