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WoodWood DK


Ok, people! On this post I’ll talk about one of my top 5 brands with all of you, so pay close attention. I first discovered this brand back when I was working in a small boutique called APT.2 in Montreal. Its refined aesthetic & streetwear savvy made me want to learn more about this Danish line that was not only a brand but also a prominent store.

WoodWood Benjamin Sweatshirt

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Founded in 2002 by the trio of Karl-Oskar Olsen, Brian SS Jensen and Magnus Carstensen, WoodWood is a combination of store & brand entity. Located in Copenhagen & Berlin, The stores offer hard-to-find brands such as Head Porter, Comme Des Garcons, Jeremy Scott, etc… Their consistently good apparel offerings gave birth to numerous collaborations going from fashion (Nike, Adidas, Converse, Fred Perry) to art (Parra) and even transportation (Vision). WoodWood collections feature some diverse looks for both men & women.

Wood Wood

Man! I love the brand so much that i had to include myself in the mix. Here I am rocking my WoodWood “Apocalypse” sweater next to their classic Benjamin sweater. Don’t worry, folks! The cup was somewhat empty, lol! Cheers!

WoodWood apocalyse sweater

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