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Winter Gear in 105 DEGREE Weather

All Saints

This past week in L.A. has been a scorcher, the weather has been in the high 90’s /low 100’s and it is almost October (Not O.K.). While trying to cool myself down, I walked into a store and spotted my dream jacket. Now there are two problems with this (1) I am in L.A. and shopping for a down jacket in 100 degree weather and (2) it is $750$.


Nevertheless, I will never forget my Canadian roots and will always embrace cold weather gear. Now, the down jacket is one of the most important investments a Canadian can make. Sorry to say we all shop at the same places and every guy either has the same North Face or Canada Goose Bomber (myself included). Moncler another major down jacket maker, is one of the most popular lines in L.A. being found almost everywhere. Personally, I think they make you look like the Michelin man, but I almost couldn’t resist the Everest Green puffer, if it wasn’t for the price tag.


Next in importance is the scarf, this season’s must have is the snood/circle scarf. It is basically a long or short scarf sewed together (Check out the amazingly cozy Super Sheer Circle scarf at AA).  Now this is the optional area, boots, hats and gloves. I always swore off boots, I used to ruin my running shoes.

North Face Boots

North Face has come out with the “Nupste” boot, which is essentially a down jacket for your feet. They are not “water proof” says the salesman, but take my word for it they worked wonderfully. I am also not a glove person, because I tend to lose them but one of my favorite companies based out of London All Saints (opening pic), made these really cool gloves where they cut off the finger holes so it covers your hand and you can freely use your fingers (which is great for driving or forming perfect snowballs).

Free City Winter Hat

Finally, winter hats, this one is more for my friends who read the blog and would say “YOU WOULD” because as you know I love the Free City line and they finally made winter hats. I hope L.A. reaches the 80’s by December maybe I’ll get to wear it!!!

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  1. i wish i had a penis

  2. … so i could wear these clothes

  3. One day someone will figure out how to make a good looking down coat. And, I really don’t want to see men wearing a circle scarfs any more than I want to see them wearing skirts.

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