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White Hot AmeriCAN Summer

American Apparel

Everyone knows the saying “No white after Labor Day”, but Labor Day is still months away, so take out your white wardrobe out of the closet ASAP. Honestly I have never been a fan for the all white ensemble, especially for bottoms. I have always been worried that second I sat down they would get filthy. Nevertheless, white has become the official color (non color) of this summer for men.

Marc by Marc Jacobs Metal Twill Blazer

There are many different ways and hues to wear, so you don’t look like a navy sailor.  I will give three different looks; the first look is your “man on the town” look featuring the white blazer, the second look is your “weekend in the Hamptons”, and finally the  “every day look”. If you want to pull off a white blazer in the summer, don’t pair it with white pants; otherwise you’ll look like you’re “THAT GUY” who wore the white tux to grad. My favorite white blazer is the Marc by Marc Jacobs metal twill blazer and to complete the look pair it with a nice gingham or black/white shirt and a pair of dark denim or khakis.

J.Crew Oatmeal Cardigan

The Hamptons look is simple, just pair together some white shorts with a white polo and top it off with an off white/oatmeal cardigan similar to this one from J.Crew. Finally if you want a look that you can wear whenever, wherever, buy yourself a cheap pair of white denim from American Apparel (make sure to roll them or cuff them to the ankle), a plain white tee and make your shoes the color that pops the outfit.

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