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Warriors of Radness – Made in California

The blossoming of spring and hopeful leap into summer brings us to the reality that…it’s time to get ready to show what you’ve been hiding for the past 6 months! You hit the gym, bring back the Ray Ban’s and start planning that vacation. But, you certainly can not forget the annual “spring cleaning” and why not start with your closet.

Hit your favourite fashion websites and various mags such as “Details” and “GQ” to get inspired. That’s what I was doing when I stumbled on something that caught my interest. Rick Klotz, creator of well-known brand, Freshjive reintroduces the world to his clothing line, Warriors of Radness “WOR”, which was first featured on yourKloset in September of ’09.

Founded in Los Angeles back in 2008, the line grasps the attention from the media after being selected as one of GQ’s Best New Menswear Designer of 2011. Like the name, WOR is influenced by California during the 80′s where surf kids that lived for the beach, sun and “rad” parties. Staying true to its essence, Klotz blends colours such as blue, turquoise, orange and yellow in a single windbreaker, plays with geometrical and animal prints (personal favourite, pink zebra printed pants) and does the classic vintage printed t-shirt. Recently, Rick collaborated with underwater photographer Wayne Levin on his RESPECT t-shirts (picture above).

With price ranging between 10$ – 150$, WOR is making its own sort of wave within the Surf Culture but is still considered an underground brand due to its unconventional structures.

“Baggy fits, neon hits, no designer jeans here, salt water washes, bleached out splashes, corduroy, comfort and joy! Zebra prints and textured hints, sweatpants with big bold logos. You want to fit in? Well that’s a NO GO!”

Go check out  WOR at with a link on to buy their clothes.

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