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The Trend that started in Quebec

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There are very few articles of clothing you simply would never catch me in (and I’m pretty daring). These two personal “don’ts” both come from the tops family. The first one is a turtleneck (the word alone is strike one), it is constricting, itchy and just an eye soar. The second article of clothing is actually what is being hailed as the new polo- the Short Sleeve Shirt.  It is the second item that you will never catch me wearing, and my father can attest to that. He, himself is a menswear manufacturer, has always featured numerous short sleeve shirts, to which I would ask who in their right minds would buy them, to which he would reply “Quebecers”. I never understood it; I always associated them with people who lacked style or a nerd.

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I ALWAYS roll up my cuffs when I’m wearing a shirt, I like the look of it, it cools me down and is comfortable, but never would I think of sporting a short sleeve version, there is just something about them. Nonetheless, the short sleeve shirt has become the newest, must have item for menswear this summer and next. Every store, every designer has multiple styles. I have found myself going into stores and picking up a folded shirt, saying that looks nice, then put it down immediately once I find out it is short sleeved.  I will admit there are some really nice one’s, which I will show you.

J Lindeberg Shirt - LA Fashion Blog

Diesel Shirt - LA Fashion Blog

Especially for spring you can find plaids, gingham and even floral prints (technical term- ditsy). I am a man of my word, even if Kanye wears one, I will stay true to myself and NEVER be caught dead in one.

Rogues Gallery Shirt - LA Fashion Blog

In response to “My 5 essentials” post, I had a reader ask where I got my Blackberry engraved… It was a company called Etchstar that is now called COVEROO and you can send them ANYTHING to laser engrave.

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