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The Resurrection of Jil Sander

I know I’ve been doing a lot of reminiscing lately of last year’s posts, but truly in terms of men’s fashion not much has changed. Military and Nautical/Yacht Club are still major trends. I wanted to do another write up about Givenchy because I think they have knocked it out of the park yet again with their Spring/Summer and their Fall 2011 collections. My favorites are the leopard bomber, the Rottweiler knapsack and of course the fur glasses.

Nevertheless, spring is all about color; bold and bright. No one did it better this season than Jil Sander. Her looks are tailored and so fresh and so clean clean (ShoutKAST) including large floral prints and bold colors. My favorites are seen below, maybe because I am a bit biased about two colors (mint green & fuchsia pink a la swUrl) but royal blue is also one of the standout colors for this spring that can suit anyone.

The price point is a bit up there, but if you are looking for the Jil Sander aesthetic then head over to Uniqlo for her luxe for less +J line.  I had seen it all over Japan, and when I was recently in NYC , I missed the launch of the spring collection by 5 days.

(Photos Courtesy of Oki-ni & Ssense)

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