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The Life Aquatic

The best part of summer hands down has to be sitting by a property of water; be it a beach, a lake, a pool or even a sprinkler. For me there is no better feeling then going up north and sitting by the calm and pristine lake.  I have always had an infinity for swimming, no matter the climate, water temperature or time, I am always up for a good swim.

For the last 10 years, Abercrombie & Fitch were every man’s go to swimwear choice. I would go to summer camp and basically every kid was wearing the Hawaiian cargo swimsuit. Then there was a sudden shift to board shorts, a less bulky alternative that became more about style. As surf wear became more mainstream, colorful neon board shorts became all the rage. Come 2010, men’s swimwear has done a full 360 in terms of style and length reverting back to the shorter, mono color cleaner swim trunks (à la Polo Ralph Lauren).   Call it a bit of euro influence, minus the Speedos and banana hammocks, but with cleaner lines and inset pockets.

A guy should know what fits his body, if you are tall and slim, you can probably wear a shorter length swim trunk. The key is to really have it proportionate without it looking like your wearing spandex while having your love handles bulging out. If you do have a bit of a beer gut, try and opt for an elastic waist alternative to combat the overflow. The best thing to pair your swim trunk with is a simple oxford shirt or graphic surf tank.

If you do opt for the normal board short, I support the Insight faux denim trunk!

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