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The chino pant a.k.a Trousers

Miles Davis - Office Wear Fashion

Fellas! I know we all love jeans but here’s another alternative for the upcoming fall season and your office wear fashion. The Chino pant (also called trouser) is a lightweight cotton (cotton/linen, cotton/elastine) pant that is similar to a suit trouser but it can be worn in a smart casual form. It is offered in different fits (relaxed, slim straight, straight, skinny) & colors (beige, black, grey, navy, etc…) and it is suitable for any types of outing whether it’s clubbing, chilling or dress to impress.

Here’s are some examples chinos/trousers from different brands all available in the beautiful city of Montreal:

Apartement Deux - Office Wear Fashion

Dr.Denim “The Donk”  $115
Offered in black, blue, khaki & grey
Available at Apartement Deux

Apartement Deux - Office Wear Fashion

Wood Wood “Van der Velde” $139
Offered in beige & blue
Available at Apartement Deux

Club Monaco - Office Wear Fashion

Club Monaco “Classic chino”  $89
Offered in beige, black & grey
Available at Club Monaco

As for what you can where with it, anything that matches your fly can work. For tops:  a dress shirt (plaid, checkered, jean), t-shirt (crewneck or v-neck), sweater & for shoes, sneakers (high-tops, low cuts), loafers (boat shoes) & boots.

By the looks of it, Miles Davis (above) already knew what chinos were all about. Hell! He wasn’t named one of the top 50 most stylish men for nothing.

Kid Cudi & Kanye - Office Wear Fashion

In the video “Make her say” by Kid Cudi ft. Kanye West & Common, if u pay close attention, they are all wearing chinos. Each of them wears the chino in different ways just to show it’s versatility & they kind of bring their own “swagger” to it.

Do not be afraid to try as many fits of chinos as possible, I mean it’s like trying to find the perfect jean, it prevents disappointments & foolishness. By the time you realize it, you’ll be fresh & wonderful.


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