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Summer Faux Pas

I can’t believe summer has already arrived!!! We are at the end of May and the weather is a scorching 30 degrees Celsius.  With hot weather comes a whole new wardrobe, which comes with some “faux pas”  (according to me that is).

Rule #1: NEVER and I mean never is it appropriate for guys to be walking/running around a city in a bathing suit. I know I may have stressed this before but seriously, there’s no need to be walking around a metropolitan city looking like you are about to jump into a pool. I know surf wear has become quite fashionable but save it for the actual water, please.

Rule #2: SAVE your flip-flops for the beach and shower. I am the first person to say off with your socks, because I find them so confining. Nevertheless, there are many other warm weather footwear alternatives available. Buy a pair of boat or driving shoes, canvas, mesh…. anything you can wear barefoot, but flip-flops and jeans are for Abercrombie models only. (Side note: this rule applies to leather flip-flops too, those should stay in Europe)

Rule #3: Let Corey Hart be the only man to wear his sunglasses at night. 7:30 should be the ultimate cutoff for wearing your sunglasses, be it on your face or head. I understand many of us may go straight from work to places, but there is absolutely no reason for anyone to be wearing shades at 11 pm.

Rule #4: Be daring. Summer is all about having fun and enjoying the warm weather (from our office windows). So when you have the chance, throw on some color, mix some patterns, throw on an updated jean short, cargo(less) shorts and your boat shoes and ENJOY!

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