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Suit UP for the SEASON: Corduroy

The Corduroy Suit

When we think of fabrics for suits, the first material that comes to mind is wool. It’s lightweight, wrinkle free, and it drapes well. It’s an uncontested winner. With temperatures dipping into the minuses, many well-known suit brands have decided to think more practically. I present you with the corduroy suit.

Style Icon Kanye West Corduroy

In terms of fabrics, corduroy is durable. Socially speaking, clothes made from corduroy are appropriate in settings ranging from casual to business casual, and are usually favored in colder climates.


The beauty of a corduroy suit is its practicality because you can wear the blazer with a pair of jeans or just the pants with a dress shirt, t-shirt, or a knit to keep warm. When it comes to colors, you can go for the ones that represent the season well, but be careful as this can backfire. To make things easy on yourself, I would suggest choosing darker tones of corduroy, like charcoal or blue/black.  They lead to fewer complications and more combinations. And with that said, my job is done. Cheers!

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