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SPIFFY 2011 from Head to Toe

The snow is starting to melt and the weather is slowly starting to creep out of the negative double digits, which means spring is soon upon us. It is time to put aside our heavy sweaters and boots for more colorful and less bulky items.  Here is a rundown of some staples you should stock up on.

Head: Take a cue from Don Draper himself, and let your hair grow and be seen. This spring/summer is going retro, forego the usual buzz cut and opt for the side part.

Top: Clean + White. There is nothing better than a crisp crew neck white t-shirt for the day, then switch it to a black solid for night.  Oxfords are still huge, you can never go wrong with a pale blue, slate or white oxford; my favorite is this one by Patrik Ervell. To spiff it up even more, add a pocket square, if you or your father don’t have one, find an old tie and cut 3 inches from the tip and it makes a perfect pocket square.

Bottom: Tailored CHINOS + CARGOSs. Modern fits and a rainbow of colors make these THE go to pants for summer (Photo courtesy of Every guy needs a new pair of khaki Chinos, they can be worn almost anywhere. When it comes to the cargos, again these have been cleaned up and come in a variety of modern fits, try the new ARC fit.

Toes: Buck up and go Sockless. Throw on a pair of suede bucks, boat shoes, desert boots, or even try some of the new all mesh lightweight sneakers and ditch those flip flops.

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