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Socks Tucked into Pants

I’ve been seeing this trend around the city, and I asked myself this question: Why do people tuck in their socks into their pants? After many careful observations and consultations with my fellow fashionistas, my conclusion comes to this: If it’s cool, it rules!

As we all know, golfers are mostly the ones who tuck their socks in their pants so that they don’t obstruct their swing when golfing, but it hasn’t stopped trendsetters from incorporating this trend back in the 80s.

As seen on the pictures above, the “tuck in” can be worn with light boots such as Red Wings or Yuketens, or heavy boots such as Sorels or Kamiks. Just make sure that the top of the socks are showing just enough so that everybody can see them.

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  1. Brought to you by Kool Kat Kenny, coming to a fashion corner near you!!

  2. I personally love this with wools socks and boots!

  3. With this trend, I am now called the black lumberkat, lol!

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