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Should I or Shudy I

As you all know spring has finally arrived and that means its time to change from your sock wearing shoes to barefoot boat and driving shoes. The best part about living in Los Angeles was that you could wear these shoes year round, not so much in snow covered Canada.  When I was packing up, I unfortunately had to throw out my pair of Sperry’s because they smelled so bad (I blame Coachella). Luckily I still have many pairs that I can swap in/out but am always up to buy one more.

When I was in Japan, I was on a serious hunt for shoes. I even knew what kind of boots and shoes I wanted until I stumbled across Italian Shoe Company Shudy and their rubber driving shoes. I don’t want to dub these crocs 2.0, but these shoes are crocs for the well-dressed man. I had first seen them and was instantly attracted to them, not only did they come in a plethora of colors but they were pretty affordable at $120 compared to their leather and suede $500 department store counterparts.  Nevertheless, the fact that they are waterproof makes them that much more attractive.

The best part about this discovery was that I had tried on a pair in-store but they didn’t have my size and I was pissed. The next day I was with my father at his Japanese distributor who amongst other companies carries Stone island and C.P. Company. I was walking through their showroom when I saw the Shudy display. I was in heaven with all the colors but also got a sneak peak at the fall colors and textures, which make this company and their shoes something every guy SHUD own.

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  1. Rubber shoes for $150 – when the shoes get black drivers heel scuff will it wash off or will the shoes be ruined just like a leather shoe.

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