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Shoes That Fit… for Fall


This post actually came about while I was looking through a Facebook album, and saw a guy wearing a pair of brown leather shoes with a pair of jeans. Don’t get me wrong in theory it looked good, but for like a 50 year old not someone in their late teens or twenties.  Again, maybe it’s just a personal preference, but the only time I wore leather shoes with jeans was when I was 16 and trying to look older and get into clubs. I even worked at Brown’s Shoes for three years and never once bought a pair of all leather shoes; I tend to opt for dressier sneakers. Over the past couple of years, almost every designer has taken their stab at a pair of “casual” shoes. In addition to the sneaker, this fall season feature the emergence of the combat boot and the plimsoll.

Gucci Hi Top

Common Projects

High-tops are one of my favorites sneaker’s, especially in the winter, this way your pants don’t get full of salt. However, sometimes when I roll up my pants (yes, even in the winter) I like the look of a pair of low tops. Some of my favorites this season include 3.1 Phillip Lim, The Gucci, and a pair of classic common projects.

Bstore Opening Ceremony

Creative Rec Combat

Combat boots, are soo cool, so cool that very few people could pull them off. It takes a very specific type to wear them. They should give off the vintage feel, while still looking fresh. Creative Rec even took a shot at them.

Fred Perry Plimsoll

The plimsoll is a shoe that started across the pond, and has been made famous by many pop rockers. It is that super flat shoe, made from canvas with laces. Vans currently makes one of the most famous here in North America. Every guy in L.A. has a pair.

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