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RRRRRRolll up the rim

There has been many times in my life when I have tried to usher in a new trend. For example, when I thought sweatbands were the coolest things, and I bought a white D&G one and wore it to my grade eleven exams. How about the time I thought I could start the trend of wearing a sweatshirt only on my neck, and letting it hang like a bandana. That one caught on fire like a match under water. However, with all my misses have come some successes.

On of my trips to California back in 2008, I had seen a guy who rolled up his jeans in a somewhat messy way and paired it with boat shoes. This isn’t cuffing your jeans (à la 90s) nor is it rolling them up to your mid calf, its simply a one-two roll to your ankle to give it an almost tapered, messy look.  I started wearing all my pants like that, and my family HAAATED it. My mother, who is always quite fashionable, couldn’t understand and thought it looked weird.

By the following year, I had already moved to California, and I rocked my rolled pants with boat shoes daily. For one, it allowed me to keep my bottom of my pants intact and secondly it looks great with a barefoot shoe. Last summer nearly every fashion house from avant-garde designer Thom Browne to retailers like Club Monaco were showing this trend on and off the runway. On one of my mother’s more recent trips to Los Angeles, we were walking up the stairs in Barneys and saw Thom Browne in the flesh with an entourage, all in tapered, almost cropped suits. It was only then that my mother finally appreciated and accepted the look.

You can really do it to any type of denim, khaki or linen, and as I mentioned it is key to keep it at about ankle length.

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  1. I do it all the time to show off my Adidas hi tops :P .

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