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RIP Ed Hardy


Ever since moving to L.A, I have been able to spot a tourist from a mile away. The L.A. look is simple; a plaid shirt or v-neck , skinny jeans with pair of converse or vans. Enter tourist – blinged out in Ed Hardy or even more blinged out Christian Audigier shirt and jeans with a white blazer and pointy shoes with DOUCHEBAG written across his forehead.

I have never really liked this trend, nor should it be called a trend but rather a fad. I had an Ed Hardy t-shirt circa 2005 (pre-bling). I never really understood where it was appropriate for a guy to be wearing a shirt with rhinestones, or even worse those ugly ass trucker hats for $150.00. Just because something is expensive, it doesn’t mean you have the right to wear it in a nightclub. Everyone thought it would phase out just as fast as Von Dutch. However Christian Audigier was a wise businessman and got celebs to endorse the line. However that was 2 years ago, yet he is still very successful because of guys like YOU… who believe that all the Affliction, TapouT and Ed Hardy crap is fashionable, just because celebs and athletes are wearing it. The celebs most likely got it for free, while you spent your two-week paycheck on a hat and 2 t-shirts. I think its time we leave the rhinestones for the women and the Affliction shirts for the UFC fighters. Throw those t-shirts away (or use them as dish rags) and invest in a casual solid or plaid button down shirt for your going out-fit.

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