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Put The Boots Away

Yes, people! I know the weather is deceiving and boots are somewhat still a must but I believe that it’s better to stock up now than later. Yes! I did say stock up because the look for shoes will be pretty much the same all season long. So here are a few styles that caught my attention. Some you’ve seen before, others are new.

The saddle shoes are back but I believe we’ll see them more than we did last year.

A mesh cotton sneaker or a perforated sneaker is useful for the upcoming season. They are comfortable, light & they help the bunions breath.

Clarks desert boots are always a no brainer. But instead of going with a crepe sole, why not try a leather shoe. It gives a more elegant and a dressier silhouette to the foot.

For the past 3 years, the boat shoe has won the hearts of everybody whether you’re from the hood or the suburbs. This year, why not go more towards the pasteles.

Also look out for shoes with studs, espadrilles, loafers & penny loafers. Enjoy the shopping, people!

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