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Prints on Prints on Prints

Week to week I struggle to figure out how I can best entertain you (the reader) with useful or time wasting material; this week my article was staring me right in the face. I just recently changed my computer background to an Engineered Garments floral fabric swatch I saw on another blog. I then realized how big prints are becoming in men’s fashion.  Take camouflage as one of the big standouts for the past year and will still continue into fall and next spring. Floral or ditsy prints are also becoming big on men’s shirtings. Aztec/tribal have also been pretty hot for spring and will continue into fall.

Its really quite interesting to see how women’s wear has been taking its cues from menswear and lately menswear is dipping into what was once only seen on women (drop crotch pants… Cough, Cough). I am not telling you to start sharing clothes with your girlfriend or sister but LEOPARD is leaping into the spotlight as the standout print for men this fall. I first came across this amazing pair of leopard Dr. Martens but sadly I missed out on them. I quickly filled that void with a 10 deep leopard tank top and a TOPMAN leopard pocket square (and an all Leopard Supreme hat) Its funny, usually I write an article about something and then talk myself into buying that item, but this time I am even ahead of myself. I know the thought of a print can be overwhelming, so when you decide to let the cat out of the bag, make sure you pair it with something solid and basic.

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  1. I really love Aztec

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