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What started as a simple teaching of stencil using Andre the Giant’s face in a newspaper became an internationally recognized art career for Shepard Fairey, as well as the birth of his own clothing brand.

OBEY clothing was launched in 2001 by famous American contemporary artist, graphic designer, and illustrator Shepard Fairey. He saw clothing as an opportunity to express his creativity on many levels and t-shirts as another canvas for his graphics. With the help of fashion designers, Mike Ternosky & Erin Wignall, Fairey transfers his philosophy of art & personal influences into a brand that speaks to many different genres & addresses many different styles.

Because of the diversity of influences (rock, punk, hip-hop, etc..) OBEY clothing hits on looks that are both classic and fashion driven. Each season, multiple themes are offered to create authentic clothing that is often difficult to categorize.

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