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NHL Awards Pt. 2

Welcome back to the NHL Jersey Awards. In part one we took a look at the Western Conference. The St. Louis Blues, Los Angeles Kings, and Calgary Flames advanced. As I’m sure you figured out by now, part deux will focus on the Eastern Conference.

Although it’s not my personal favorite blue and orange Syracuse combo, the Broadstreet Bullies otherwise known as the Philadelphia Flyers, who are the reigning champs of the East, make orange, black, and white look better than it ever has.

The Pittsburgh Penguins come through in a big way with the black, yellow, and white. The pissed off looking penguin on the front of the jersey makes me want to laugh, but it doesn’t make me want to give them the nod over the Flyers to advance to the next round.

Maybe I am wrong, but aren’t penguins supposed to be cute and friendly looking? Am I the only one that thinks that the movie ‘Happy Feet’ lied to everybody?

The New York Rangers also deliver with the red, white, and blue. Patriotic much? While it has America written all over it, it does fall a little short on the attention grabbing side. This is actually a little disappointing considering that this is New York we’re talking about, and Rangers winger and super pest Sean Avery is a former intern at Vogue Magazine.

Next up the Montreal Canadiens. The three most famous colors bleu, blanc, et rouge, and the most storied franchise in the history of the NHL.

I always have found it odd that the Canadiens have those three colors on their jerseys, when those are the same three colors that are on the American flag. It just seems a little ironic. Furthermore, this is almost a replica of the Rangers jersey, except that the colors are placed differently.

Sorry Habs fans, first you lose Halak, and now this.

Wrapping up the East is the Boston Bruins. As someone who has the initials B.B, I have to say I’m a little biased towards the B’s.

Color-wise, black, yellow (there it is again), and white do work well together. Unfortunately for the B’s they just don’t have what it takes to advance to the conference finals.

Now part two is complete. In part three, I will look at the East’s Southeast Division. We  will also have the conference finals and finals of the NHL Jersey Awards, where we will see a champion crowned. Will the Kings get the crown, what about the resurgent Bolts, the crew from Cowtown, the Caps, or the team from the show-me-state? Stay tuned to find out.

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