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U.S. Subdiver is proud to present the latest Navy Seal Watches. 4 different styles, 4 different opportunities for greatness.

The U.S. Subdiver (above) will withstand the test of time. Its durable shell keeps time in place. It is Solid, Bold, and Rare. With only 50pcs made, this SQUARE Chronograph will twist heads and won’t be lacking for compliments.

Snake Eyes II

The second edition, Snake Eyes II, is bigger, limited, and thick. This anti-shock time keeper is much more than part two of a very rare collection. With only 150 manufactured, this watch stands out brightly with its large circumference and big eyes. Its long lasting rubber strap allows for quick drying.


The Generator has no battery; it is a fully automatic mechanical movement, which allows for a continuous second hand sweep. Its construction is built to protect the crown and push buttons on the side of the case. It is a watch that stands proud in our collection.

Wing Commander

Finally, the Wing Commander with its 24 hour chronograph function allows any pilot or connoisseur the chance to time events on a 24 hour schedule. It is a very elegant and classy piece, yet vital for precision timing. This watch can be dressed up or down depending on your mission.

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