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My 5 Essentials

the 5 Essentials

I hope you have all been enjoying my posts, and have found them entertaining and informative at the very least. This week I will let you inside my world and discover the five things I cannot live without on a daily basis. Some are new and some are old, but without these things, I feel naked.

the Blackberry Bold

My Blackberry Bold (Most Important)… the other day I left it at home, and it was the worst feeling, I got home to three voicemails, 39 e-mails, seven bbm conversations and two facebook notifications (not tying to brag… ok maybe a little). What makes it extra meaningful, the fact that I got my initials and name engraved on the back of the phone.

Goyard Credit Card Holder

Goyard Credit Card Holder… This might be one of the best inventions after sliced bread. I hate when my wallet gets to bulky and sticks out of my back pocket. This cardholder can hold four cards and even has a slot to put some cash in. I also love the color; green is my favorite color

Tom Ford

Tom Ford Black Orchid Cologne… I used to wear Burberry Brit, but I randomly tested the Tom Ford and it really grew on me. It lasts all day long and you barely have to put anything on.

YMC Snakeskin Boat Shoes

YMC Snakeskin Boat Shoes… These are the newest addition to my collection. You all know how much I love boat shoes, but these are not only super cool looking but are amazingly comfortable

Starbucks Re-usable Cold Cup

Now I want to hear what you GUYS need, send me an e-mail or write a comment with your essential. If there is anything you want to know ask away….

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  1. Where did you get the BB engraving done?

  2. prinzmono says:

    My essentials are Unisex CK Summer Cologne, Nike Air Classics, some loosefit jeans and a HTC Smartphone which cant beat your BB mate, hehe :)

  3. Brian, I actually fell upon Tom Ford “Extreme” a year ago and its in my top 5 along with Blu Mediterraneo “Mandorlo di Sicilia” – Acqua di Parma, Hanae Mori “For Men”, Thierry Mugler “Angel for Men” and Joe Malone “Pomegranate”.

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