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Merci Mr. Louboutin

I have always had a sweet tooth for the finer things in life, whether or not I can afford them is a different question… but a boy can dream! Christian Louboutin has finally come to his senses and introduced his first complete men’s collection of shoes. Every girl has seen the iconic red bottom on many of their favorite Hollywood starlets, and has dreamed of one day owning a pair. Now C.L. is hoping they can do the same thing for guys, and let me tell you I think its working. I am a shoe freak. I have a hefty collection of shoes that I have amassed over the years and that I wear, which is rare, as most men collect shoes and keep them in their boxes for what reason I don’t know. Lets just say I may be adding a few more, if only I had $1,200 to spare.

The Freddy Flats are in my opinions one of the SLEEKEST shoes to ever hit the market. If James Bond were to be a shoe, he’d be this one.  I had seen these babies back in February and tried convincing my mother they would make THE perfect Valentines gift… that didn’t fly.  These black patent studded loafers can be dressed up or down as seen on major fashion icons Pharell in jeans and Mika in a tux  (and I wouldn’t be surprised if Mr. West owned a pair). I am actually a fan of studs, I think they are cool if done right, and boy are these done right.

My second favorite is the pony-hair, animal-print desert boot. I had shown the Acne version but this one is out of this world.  I cannot wait to see what Louboutin has planned for the Fall Collection, but if it is anything like the spring collection, I better have started saving yesterday.

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