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Dee & Ricky

Brooch: kinda sounds like something your grandmother would wear, and indeed it is. But in their defense, they have BRO in front of it so it’s somewhat manly right??? Call it a pin or call it a brooch (my definition is that a brooch is an object stuck to a pin, whereas a pin is just a metal stick), I am stuck on this little knickknack. The best part about a brooch/pin is that they can take on any form. It’s all about your creativity, imagination and willingness to be daring.

The other day, I bought one that was a cardboard cutout of a retro Nike. I also had my mother pick up a metal army guy from Topshop that looks like he is crawling up your shirt.

Dee Ricky Lego Heart

Nike Shoe Broach

Kanye West

Brian Etco Original

Brooches are most appropriate on a suit or any other jacket lapel, but are also a good choice on a solid t-shirt, shirt, or even on running shoes. My whole fascination with broaches started last year when Ann Demeulemeester came out with these huge metal beetle broaches that were so cool. Then I saw Kanye in a photo sporting a Lego heart brooch. Dee & Ricky are the two designers who became famous when their crafty Lego designs landed on Marc Jacobs catwalk and have spawned many other Lego themed doodads for about $ 75 a piece. Being extremely creative (and a good cook–yeah, its not related but I wanted to throw that out there),  I took matters into my own hands and bought a 500 piece Lego set (only because the set came with one gold piece) and built my own heart. For the last year I have been meaning to turn the legos into a brooch, and after this post I plan on doing it.  Make your own, look through grandpa’s drawer, or just go out and buy one.

Ann Demeulemeester

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