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Men in Skirts… Fashionable TREND or Plain Silly?

These past few seasons, trendsetters like Marc Jacobs have been sporting skirts. Some Designers have been toying with the idea of putting men in skirts as seen in sporadic sightings here and there of bared-legged man walking the runaways and popping up at shows for a few seasons now. Never a trend, the skirt has always been associated with womenswear. However, as demonstrated throughout history, Men have always worn them. Fashion, in which ideas and designs have a cyclical movement of some sort, was never able to establish the skirt in a man’s wardrobe. Society can’t seem to accept it, and many think it feminizes the man and takes away from its primal image, a man of power and so forth. These out dated thoughts seem so passé in today’s modernized world yet; the skirt still can’t quite make it through. Money is the principal goal for fashion companies and if it’s not commercially viable, it will never see the light of day.

This being said, designers, for Spring 2012, have gone on the attack by predominantly showcasing the skirt; opening up the Givenchy show, closing the Rick Owens show, etc. Many influential brands & designers showed a least one skirt in their collection, thus forcing fashion editors and trend forecasters to call the skirt a trend in menswear these coming seasons. Will it fade or will it stick? Only time will tell.


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  1. In France, there is a non-profit association called HEJ that promotes skirts for men.
    The association had some success, giving interviews in the media (TV, newspapers, internet), or through partnerships with dressmakers and fashion designers.
    You can have more information here :
    and on their website :

  2. Unfortunately, most of us in Western society believe that women should have “special” rights over men – this reflects “Animal Farm” (“Everyone is equal, but some people are more equal than others”). However, I believe that my generation (I was born in 1979/Gen Y) is ready for this trend – I mean, look at how the Millenials support diversity of ALL kinds, as proven by the book “Generation We,” by Eric Greenberg and Karl Weber.

  3. Bob in a skirt says:

    It is about time men were free to wear a skirt without being laughed at at least and atmost, beaten to a pulp.\ by homophobs.

  4. The headline bothers me, really. If something is hot, the wearer will make the difference, and plain silly is a way to turn down a new idea. I assume the writer doesn’t have experience.
    Sure, men should wear skirts like women do because the skirt originally was a male garment only in past. Are we going to do the same with pants? I would love to read that men who are confident enough to wear a skirted garment will be supported because he sticks out of the uniform crowd. How about that way?

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