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Mewelry just as bad as a Murse


(Warning: This post may offend douches)

I may be coining a new term for man jewelry, but it’s about time someone said something about this trend that has overstayed its welcome. I may be a tad bit biased on the subject, as I rarely even wear a watch but I believe that men shouldn’t be wearing jewelry. When I think jewelry, I think necklaces, rings and bracelets; most of these things should only be worn on women.


In Los Angeles, it is all about the Man bling (MLING??? ok now I’m pushing it) and the Rock & Roll, these big ass necklaces (diamond encrusted dog tags included), diamond earrings you can spot from a mile away and leather cuffs. All that these guys are missing to complete the douche look is their Ed Hardy Swarovski crystal sunglasses and Affliction t-shirt.

Dog Tag

A Triple No NO

Look unless, any of you have a multi-million dollar record deal, are David Beckham or ride a Harley, you probably shouldn’t be sporting any of them. What purpose does the leather cuff even serve anyways (same goes for the dual cuff/watch)…  It says look at me I have steak around my wrist (and it tells time).


Most clothing men wear cover the chest and arm region for a reason. That reason being that men should not be wearing jewelry. Nevertheless I do allow two forms of Mewelry; a classic watch (The days of Timex are long gone) and one religious piece (in any form). I respect the fact that people want to show their religious prides, but I believe modesty plays an important role in most religions, so when sporting these pieces size/flash really does matter.  If you want to grab a girl’s attention with jewelry, let that piece of jewelry be for her.

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