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I noticed recently that a lot of people have problems with in-between weather. They end up wearing their heavy winter jackets at minus 5, c’mon now!  There are some good quality jackets on the market right now that can keep you warm & trendy. Here are a few:

The Quilted Jacket - Made of two layers of cloth filled with padding held in place by lines of stitching, the quilted jacket will definitely keep bundled up for those chilly weathers.

The Down Vest - Filled with goose feathers, this sleeveless vest can be worn with a thick sweater underneath. The core of the body is kept warm so don’t worry about getting sick.

The Varsity Jacket – Also known as the Letterman (David) & the Stadium (Tony) jacket, this jacket is not only back on the trendy side of things but I believe that it’s a cool piece to have in your Kloset.

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