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IS THAT UNISEX??? I didn’t think so…..

Seth Pratt

There have been many instances since my arrival here in Los Angeles that I catch myself saying “only in LA”. For example, this past weekend I saw a man carrying two miniature dogs in a Prada knapsack… which has led me to this week’s posts. These are 2 trends that may be “ONLY IN L.A.” Looks that maybe your girlfriend should be wearing, not YOU.

Brian Lichtenberg

The first one is Legging’s for Men and I’m not talking about the American Apparel “ha-ha I am wearing girl leggings” for a dance or Halloween; I’m talking about serious Man tights. I was walking through Barneys dept store, and I seriously caught them on the corner of my eye and I’m like noo way. I was so baffled by them, I had to go and touch them to make sure what I was looking at was real.


They ended up being these leggings with a zipper fly. They are made by a company called BESS. As far as I knew, they made women’s clothes; apparently they are now diving into men’s. HONESTLY, I wouldn’t wear them but the question is, are they too far of a stretch (no pun intended…ok maybe a little). Some guys wear their jeans supper skinny, and to be honest I don’t think anyone would look at a guy twice here, in Canada maybe 5 or 6 times.  You really need to have the BALLS to pull these off (Pun intended).

Topman by TopShop/American Apparel

The next topic up for debate is the slouchy tee. Right now the number one selling item for women are these supper comfortable, supper baggy t-shirts by KAINE and Alexander Wang. Some retailers like Top Shop and American Apparel (of course) are now releasing them for men.  I must admit the look has me a bit offset but I ordered the Top Shop version today to test it out. I think it might make me look like a huge box, but worse comes to worse it become sleepwear, along with my Tony the tiger sweatshirt. When you think about it, men were probably the ones to start the trend in over sized clothing. It probably is a better look for the misses, but I think it’s time for more guys to be adventurous.

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