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How simple can you make your summer wardrobe?

All right, people! Summer is already on its way, and might I remind you that Mother Nature doesn’t care about how you feel or think about the humid conditions that our fair city has to offer, so buckle up! I’ve managed to assemble a simple summer wardrobe for you made out of dress shirts, t-shirts, shorts and pants. Yeah! Every items sounds familiar but I’ve added extra details to make them more interesting and somewhat trendy.

The short sleeve: Most people prefer to just roll up their sleeves, but the short sleeve stays neat on the arms and it reminds us of the cool look Michael Douglas had in “Falling down”.

More specifically the striped tee. Some people believe that horizontal stripes make you look bigger, and that’s maybe true, but it shouldn’t stop you from trying. I believe the sailor look will do well this summer.

A lot of guys hate to wear shorts because they feel they have chicken legs. Well fellas, I have found the solution to your problem. The shorts I would recommend to a chicken legs believer would be a below the knee model. That way it puts less emphasis on the entire leg.

Now for all you strong legs out there, I believe the above the knee shorts will do just fine.


I’ve already spoken to you about the chino pants last August. It’s an excellent replacement for jeans, especially during the summer.

Most of the items (dress shirts, t-shirts, shorts and pants) are offered in different fabrics such as cotton, linen, chambray & denim so feel free to try and get a feel out of each fabric so that way, you can see which ones suit you best.

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