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Hot L.A. brand ALERT: Warriors of Radness

Warriors of Radness

One of my favorite things about shopping in L.A. is finding hot brands, especially if they are not overpriced denim companies or Affliction knock offs.

Warriors of Radness Long sleeve

I had the opportunity to spend the day out in Malibu this past weekend, which for those of you who don’t know what it is, simply put- it is one of the nicer surf towns in Cali with a lot of rich people and celebs. Not that I did any surfing (or shopping for that matter), I just spent a relaxing day with my boss, getting sunburned through the hazy skies.

Warriors of Radness

Malibu is one of my favorite places, because it is so laid back and beautiful yet casual with a distinct style. All that is required is a flashy bathing suit, a pair of jeans and a comfy sweatshirt. Cut to Warriors of Radness, one of my favorite new brands here in L.A. It is the epitome of Malibu surf wear circa 1980; full of color, shorter cuts and great designs.  It is a moderately priced color-filled line with bathing suits, t-shirts, pants, shorts, and amazing sweatshirts. They have built up quite the following being sold in many of L.A.’s premiere retailers.

Warriors of Radness Shorts

I personally own an amazing pair of shorts from them (seen above), and more recently bought the ultimate pair of pants  (they are plain black pants, so they wouldn’t photograph well, but they are RAD and were only $80). I’ve seen the preview for their Spring 2010 and they do not disappoint. Put Warriors of Radness on your fashion RADar.

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