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Hold’em like they do in Texas

Business cards are a must when starting your own business. They are the ultimate networking tool, so naturally you will want to protect them. I carry my business cards with me at all times, even on a Saturday night when I go out with my friends. I even give them out to the employees at my favorite lunch places or fans at my sister’s softball games. As you can imagine I wanted a business card holder that said a lot about me, as well as my business. I wanted something fun and avant-garde. I found these amazing Japanese plastic holders from Furoshiki Shiki that come in amazing colors. I bought the green one for myself and the pink one for my business partner; oddly enough they are both our favorite colors and the colors of our logo. They were also relatively inexpensive.

I believe that a cardholder should be just as important as your wallet, it should say something about you, and it should reflect your business and your cards.  I think a silver case says you’re too old fashioned, but maybe if it’s monogrammed then it can pass the test.

Business cards are huge assets, even if you are in school and are on the job hunt. Make cards with your name and contact info with your graduation year. It shows you are professional and think ahead. Just remember that is not an okay e-mail… TRUST ME.

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