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Gitman Vintage

Gitman Vintage, a parent brand of Gitman, is an American heritage sport-shirt line that pays tribute to the past, but with a twist. For their Spring/Summer 2010 collection, Gitman Vintage decided to recreate the Spring/Summer of ’84. By dusting off old-line books to bring back an authentic interpretation of the past, Gitman Vintage honours the importance of finely crafted button-down oxford and the indispensable pinpoint. All shirts are reissued with the original “Gitman Bros. Est. 1978” label. For the Spring/Summer 2010 collection, Gitman Vintage offers up seven models of shirts, all available in classic button-down, round or key collar, long sleeve or short.

The Antique Seersucker is a thin, all-cotton fabric, commonly striped or checkered, and used to make clothing for spring and summer wear.

The Striped Oxford

The Cotton Poplin

The Patchwork Madras is a lightweight cotton fabric, typically with patterned texture and plaid design. It is used primarily for summer clothing and is named after the English name of the city of Chennai, India.

The Chambray is a lightweight plain weave cotton cloth used as fabric for lace and needlework.

The Cotton Madras

The Oxford

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