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Little Boxes, Little Boxes, Little Boxes, All The Same

Gingham - The Gap

Since the spring, I was calling the death of Buffalo Plaid; my boss was weary at first for me to making such a bold statement to our clients. One day as we were walking back from lunch, we saw a SKATER in a black and yellow buffalo plaid shirt; she then looked at me and agreed. It had been all the rage for the past two years, being plastered on every type of clothing from shirts to shoes and hoodies to pants, but everyone at my office agrees there is a new sheriff in town and its name is GINGHAM.

Gingham - 7 FAM

It was one of the most dominant trends at the trade shows in Las Vegas, not only by the vendors but also worn by 90% of the men.  It’s by no means a brand new trend (To quote a wise woman aka my boss “There is nothing new in fashion, it is simply about interpretation and re-interpretation”), as gingham has been around for decades, however we believe, it is the new buffalo PLAID. Not that I am saying to throw away all your plaid shirts because if that were the case then I would probably have an empty hanging closet.

Gingham - Top Man

I love the traditional black and white pattern because it can really go with everything and looks clean and sharp.  A lot of companies are making larger gingham squares, and in many different colors. I have one that is little more avant-garde (aka as wind blows on the shirt it inflates- IM NORMAL I know), it actually is very nice especially, when seated indoors. There are some really interesting interpretations of it out now and I have officially begun my collection of gingham shirts. Additionally, gingham makes a great accent too; it can be on the inside of your collar or cuff, or even a pocket square to spruce up your “FORMAL” look. Integrate it into YOUR KLOSET TODAY!

Gingham - BBC

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