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Gant. Traditional American Style Clothing with a European Flair

What started has a man’s trademark “G” stamp on every shirt’s button hem later became a cornerstone to the American sportswear. In 1949, in New Haven, Connecticut, Bernard Gant & his two sons, Marty & Elliot established GANT for those who wanted to get away from the “dress up” look after WWII & wanted a more casual, laid back look.

Thanks to several innovative tailoring features such as the box pleat and locker loop, the more casual unlined collar, the addition of size tags inside the neck, and a slimmer silhouette, the GANT shirt became an overnight sensation especially on campus stores during the 1950’s & 1960’s.

In 1980’s, with the help of 3 Swedes, GANT now added a European feel to its already popular brand in terms of fabrics, designs & lifestyle influences. This association would distinguish GANT from any other design labels.

What started out as one man’s vision: to create the perfect dress shirt, has now developed, over the years, into a global lifestyle label for the entire family in over 70 countries.

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