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FUR for Men

Joe Namuth Fur

As you can tell from some of my older posts, I tend to have an itch for luxurious objects. Fur is no exception and, to be honest, it runs in my blood.  My grandfather was a furrier back in the day.  I found a brown, floor-length beaver coat in my house a couple of year’s back that I “inherited” (or just claimed as mine). It is completely ridiculous but I saw that it bothered my sister to no end when I put it on, and so I decided it would be fun to wear it out in public just to bother her. I once wore it to Moishe’s, a classic steak house in Montreal where you bump into every family you know. My sister would not acknowledge my existence, and to make matters worse for her, I decided to wear it into the dining room (I am the typical annoying baby brother).

Canada Goose Chilliwak

Rock Republic Fur

Needless to say a full fur jacket may not be for all occasions, but I do believe every man should own something faux or real. Nowadays, there are very modern and cool ways to wear fur if you’re a guy. It can either be a fur trim jacket, or the Canada Goose standard, fur trim hood.  Another good way to rock the fur trend is a faux fur lined sweatshirts. They are a great alternative to a pre-winter jacket and are super cozy. I was lucky enough to buy one ridiculously on sale and I live in it year round.

Where The Wild Things x Opening Ceremony

Juicy Mens

My newest craze is for an all fur hat. I tried one on the other day in Opening Ceremony and was laughed at by a co-worker being dead serious in asking her if she liked it. I admit that you kinda look like an Eskimo, but it also keeps you extremely warm. I will FUR sure be rocking fur this winter.


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  1. We live in times when men can no longer perform their age old “manly role” in society, hence a twisted logic deprives men all the best things in life, such as silk, furs, and crying in public, in the hopes of making them more macho, but it does not work this way.

    I am a big fan of fur, and an even bigger fan of furs for men. I agree with you; down parkas look awful when their hoods are trimmed with faux fur, but if the fur trim is real fox or coyote, it looks simply gorgeous.

    By the way, I have seen some real fur lined (rabbit, I suppose) sweatshirts and they look so warm and cozy!

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