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Fine ‘n’ Dandy


Chances are that if you live on the West Coast and are male, you dress like crap. You’re either a hipster, a slob or you’re clad from head to toe in Ed Hardy (which, I’m sorry, is a vile clothing label). Enter my friend Ilia, who is one of the sharpest dressers I have had the pleasure of knowing. He’s unlike a lot of men I have encountered here on the West Coast. ( Mind you, he is Russian, so hasn’t been completely indoctrinated with the laid-back, yoga-addicted, over-casual style that makes up the bulk of Vancouver culture.)  Since we both attend UBC (he in law, me in arts), I tracked him down for a little campus photo shoot.


How would you describe your style?

I hate descriptions, but I think neo-dandyism is a pretty good one to start. I have two styles really: [during the] fall/winter/spring I tend to dress more formal, whereas in summer I tend to me more relaxed, with lots more linen and such.

Who influences your fashion style? Do you have any style icons?

No style icons per se, but my influences are in historical traditions. I’ve always loved the 19th century man’s fashion, especially the Napoleonic/Romantic period. It’s an amazing combination of flare and elegance. I’ve also recently acquired a taste for the late Victorian era, with the tweeds, waistcoats, etc. It’s more subdued, but is just as elegant, with the muted chthonic tones and a very gentleman-like feel.

How and where do you shop (e.g. online)?

I never do shop online as I have a hard time fitting well into clothes. I rely on the combination of vintage stores and Zara/Le Chateau/H&M. And Holt Renfrew (well.. one day). I usually go out with the exact idea of what I want to buy, which makes it really hard to find something. But sometimes I also see something random in a store and know that I must get it.

What are the 5 articles of clothing you could never part with?

1) Wastcoat.

2) Starched french-cuffed shirt.

3) Fedora.

4) Three quarter peacoat (for winter) or a linen jacket (summer).

5) Something with paisley.

What clothing do you like to see on a woman?

Coming from Russia, I have very traditional views, and I love women who dress very feminine. That means no pants. I absolutely adore skirts, all shapes and sizes, especially when worn with high leather boots. Long gloves. High collars. Oh, and of course, anything with lace.


Ilia, with ever the keen eye, has a marvelous blog that is chock full with witty quotes, photography and art. Check out his BLOG!

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