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Bananas are not the only cool people in PAJAMAS

JW Anderson Fall/Winter

Pajamas.  Probably not a subject you thought I’d tackle, but it’s all I’ve been able to look for/buy in the last week  (It’s quite strange, to be honest).    But I do believe a big trend is starting to emerge with the “casual pajama”.


In the last week or two, I have been picking up on some brands starting to put out fashionable pajamas, even some being featured on hypebeast and sold at recognized retailers like Blackbird Ballard in NYC and Steve Alan. Maybe since the emergence and success of the Snuggie (a.k.a. the AS SEEN ON TV Blanket mit sleeves), people are starting to think about comfort, warmth, and style (OK, maybe not the last one). I am by NOOOO means saying you should be wearing your snuggie out of the house, but what about fashionable gear to lounge in up north/ the cottage, at the ski hill, or for a quick Starbucks run.

Pajamas Refinery

Even luxury brands have put them on the runway. I wont lie.  I have worn long johns out in public before, but in my defense, it was at summer camp, so it makes it somewhat acceptable.

FILSON BlackBird PJs

I love the Filson set in the Hunter green, however, I can’t see myself spending 80$ a piece. British designer, J.W. Anderson, features a one-piece printed long john in his fall collection. I think it looks fucking awesome; I would rock it for sure.  It is all about LAYERING; throw on a heavy cardigan or plaid shirt, and a pair of winter boots and head out the door.

JW Anderson

Don’t these photos make you want to curl up around a fire with a cup of hot chocolate? Nevertheless, if you see some crazy guy wearing a one-piece long john at your local Starbucks this winter, there is a good chance it will probably be me, so stop me and say hi!

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