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Knits in all its forms

The Maraicher cardigan by Bleu de Paname

As you all know, fall is here and winter is just a couple months away (just thinking about it hurts, loll!). From what I’ve seen, either you are shopping for a fall jacket or a winter coat but what about the in-between?  Well the answer comes in form of knits. They keep you warm, they don’t restrict your movements, they work perfectly with those sudden changes of weather & they’re comfortable. Here are some different options of knits you can find add to your shopping list:

Zip-up cardigan sweater

The beauty of a zip up cardigan sweater is that you can change your look just by zipping it up to feel bundled up or zipping it down to show off the inside layering. It can easily be worn with a t-shirt (crewneck or v-neck) or a dress shirt.

Nordic pattern zip up sweater by Wood Wood

The Thick Ribbed zip up cardigan by Cp Company

Shawl collar cardigan sweater

With a wide collar that extends downward across the chest, the shawl collar gives you the look of a v-neck sweater with a touch of maturity.

M. Shawl collar cardigan by Flippa K

Fair isle sweaters

The term “Fair Isle” comes from a small island in the north of Scotland where families memorize knitting patterns and hand them down through the generations.

Cashmere fair isle crew neck sweater


Other good mentions that fit in the same category would be the turtleneck, the toggle cardigan & the v-neck sweater. This fall season don’t be surprised if you see more knits than jackets.

Toggle cardigan by J.Crew Waverly v neck sweater by LRG

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  1. I love the boots! they look like sebago’s but in a burgundy distress leather. very sick…The long sweater is also really fresh.

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