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Drop & Give me 20

Anzevino and FlorenceSince moving out to Los Angeles, I have decided to change up my style a bit and try some new and outlandish things. The first thing I added to my closet was multiple varieties of the drop crotch pant. Basically the crotch falls down to your knees and looks baggy but the bottom half is tapered, some people refer to them as harem or diaper pants.


I actually bought my first pair last summer in Montreal at Urban, a sweatpants’ version from a company called ByCorpus. Then once I moved here, I added a pair of shorts by Ksubi, a pair of black pants by Anzevino and Florence, and the piece de resistance my jean version (Hood By Air). Truthfully they look WHACK and take time to get used to, but at the same time they are so comfortable.


For the last two years we’ve been shoving our balls into tight ass fitted jeans, now we can finally let them breathe. Especially in LA, where anything goes, I get more compliments then dirty stares. This has started as a niche trend, but come this spring every major designer has at least 1 pair in their collection.


Even companies like Zara have adopted the “Carrot Fit” which is the design term for drop crotch. BUT BEWARE… Apparently M.C. Hammer and his pants have yet to make it back to the club scene in 2009 -so wear them with caution, or not at all.

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