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Don’t get your undies in a bunch! No, Really! Part 1 – Support the Boys!

Is it just me, or do people not take the time to look at themselves from behind before leaving the house? That’s right, I am talking about the unsightly underwear lines that we see imprinted in, gathered up under or protruding from one’s jeans or dress pants. Well, have no fear, Tony’s here, to let you know how to keep the focus on your ASSets (not what’s covering it up)!

I know many of you prefer a nice loose fitting boxer (let the boys breathe and stay cool) but with slimmer fit jeans being all the wear, I think we need to explore your options. In the fashion industry, most male models wear thongs or jockstraps to alleviate any demarcations in their clothing. I really do not see the average guy taking the leap from a breezy boxer to a banana hammock, so here are some of my suggestions for when-to-wear these undies.

First off (or on) we have the cycle short. Ideal for the athlete or b-boy, recommended for use with a slightly baggy jean. They don’t bunch up or need to be adjusted like your present boxer or team sport short. Also there is no need for constant adjusting; your boys are well reinforced.

Calvin Klein Underwear

My pick would be Calvin Klein Underwear. CK is the fashion industry’s go to brand when it comes to dressing under your gear. Highly specialized in design and comfort, there is definitely something for everyone’s taste. A leader in the field of undergarments for men and women, it is highly unlikely that a style exists that they don’t make.

Next up we have the boxer brief. This is probably the most common style purchased amongst younger men. This can be worn with a slimmer jean or pant that is not too tight. Perfect for the jean that has just a lil sag in the butt.

Shan Boxer Brief

One of my fav’s for this style is renowned swimwear brand, SHAN. Designed with the body’s movement and the active male in mind, SHAN uses traditional cotton and microfiber for maximum breathability and give, in their line of underwear. With stylish coordinating t-shirts, the workout has never been so comfortable. For more information, .

Last but not least we have the brief. Besides heading towards the butt floss or j-strap, this is probably your best bet for tight jeans. I suggest cotton so that the boys stay fresh (it’s tight down there).

AA Brief

No more tighty-whitey, American Apparel gives us the traditional brief in untraditional colors. Made of a fine baby-rib cotton (available in traditional and organic varieties), American Apparel briefs are quickly becoming the favourite amongst hipsters. $15, .

Still getting lines? Go back to Calvin Klein for their seamless hip brief. Without a fly or piping this brief definitely gives the illusion that you’ve got nothing on under there.

CKU Seamless

With style names like Shaft Blaster, Jack Hammer and Backfill Booty, my hot pick goes to Ginch Gonch.

Turning underwear into a conversation piece, Ginch Gonch brings the Underoos feel to adults. Here’s to tongue and Cheeks.

OK so there’s the skinny on skivvies! Just remember if you are wearing low rise (hip) jeans you should check for low rise/hip underwear, but make sure that your crack is covered…Really! And for those who prefer commando over underwear altogether, rethink that when wearing tight jeans…Please!

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