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Denim 101

Have you ever been in a situation where you were on the hunt for denim, hooked on a pair that you saw on a mannequin/magazine/friend, then try it and look like a horrible accident? Been there! Denim is one of the hardest materials to rock whether it’s a jacket, jeans or a shirt. Hopefully this is where some helpful cues may come in handy. I decided to do some research and give you a quick lesson in denim…101.

Denim Jacket

It is personally my favourite piece of clothing. A man’s denim jacket is like a vintage car; the older it gets, the nicer it looks, of course with a little care. Whenever you buy one, you have to look for the fitted one and that has a vintage washed edge. This will give you that old school James Dean look that people seem to love (the man has been dead for decades but still makes an impact…learn from it). But if you do decide to go for a bulkier or a dark denim look, make sure that you wear them with fitted grey or black  pants or loose khaki pants and a nice plain t-shirt or casual checker pattern shirt.

If you have the chance, I also suggest you to go to a thrift shop, buy a denim jacket and cut the sleeves so you can make a denim vest. This can be fun to wear on top of a t-shirt or a zip-up hoodie.

Denim Shirt

The denim shirt made a comeback last year with a big ingress. The fabric is sturdy, the colours are varied and the styles were upgraded. You can go with a slim fit cut that you set with sand colour shorts for a “summer en Provence” look or with a pair of jeans (the Canadian tuxedo). You can also go with a oversized denim short to have that edgy rocker look with Docs and ripped jeans. Warning though! It is best if you mix/match the jeans tone; that means light denim top with dark jeans or vice versa.

If you were to ask for help in a store, make sure that you really mention denim shirt because there are chambray shirt which  is a lightweight plain weave cotton similar to denim.

Denim Bottoms (jeans)

Denim bottoms are not like other pieces of clothing. You can’t compare it to a t-shirt that you bought one size to big but can still manage to do something logical with it to look good. When jeans look bad on you, it throws your whole look off. Jeans shopping takes a whole day because you have to make sure it’s right for you. There are many different cuts out there that be a little confusing. let me break it down for you:

*Skinny (Slim) cut: this low rise denim is snug through the legs and tight around the ankles.

*Straight cut: This basic standard cut or also called classic fit, sits at the waist. Slim all the way through the ankles without being too tight. Because of its classic look, it can be paired with about anything.

*Boot-cut (Flare) cut: Originally made to be worn with cowboy boots, this cut sits below the waist and is loose through the legs and widens from the knees to the ankles.

*Relaxed cut: This cut which sits below or at the waist is considered to be the loosest fit. It goes straight, slightly tapered from the thighs to the ankles but is very loose through the legs.

There are more cuts but these are the essentials that will not make your head turn. My personal favourite is the slim straight which I didn’t mention but is between the slim cut and the straight cut. It gives you enough space to move without being to excessive. They are easy to dress up for work or a social event with a dress shirt and a bow tie as they are easy to dress down for a relax weekend with a t-shirt or a tank top.

The important rule about jeans are that you take a pair that will compliment your shape. Don’t go for slim if you’re too skinny or you have those extra pounds on you. Don’t go for relax if your tall and lean; it will only make you look like you are floating in your clothes. Make sure to walk around the store with the jeans to satisfy your comfort and get use to them.

Never wash your jeans even though, you drop beer or you got tackle to the floor. It gives that edgy personality to them. If you absolutely want to clean them, go to the dry cleaner.

As for jeans short, i would say a dark pair and a light pair that stops right above the knees just for contrast and variety. DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT go for jeans with embellished pockets, studs or multi pattern. It will only make you look like a Ed hardy/ Jersey Shore reproduction.

Jeans are like an animal that needs to be tame: The more you wear them, the more it will take shape of who you are.

Brands you can check out: Levi’s, Mavi, Gap, Cheap mondays, H&M.

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