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Combat Cool

One of my friends was looking for a suit and asked me to join him on the hunt (which, ironically, is the last thing I can help someone with). We went through a couple of stores and then had a conversation about their wares. He said it best: “Everything that is big now was big when we were in grade seven.” And he is dead on.  One of the things we were talking about was one of the big trends of 1999- being military and camo. You weren’t cool in high school unless you owned a pair of Abercrombie cargo or camouflage pants.

Twelve years later that statement is still kind of true (minus the Abercrombie quotient). Camouflage has always been one of my favorite statements; it is pretty much one of the only prints a man can wear without looking foolish. The military-inspired looks were on many catwalks and can be seen in collections such as Michael Bastian and Nom de Guerre.  One of Michael Bastian’s looks from his S/S ‘10 collection shows all of spring’s major trends, including nautical, military, and denim.

I started seeing camo trickle in last spring, and, as with every trend, it only gets bigger the next year. It started last year with the uber-popular military jackets (thanks to MJ) and has continued into all facets of menswear. One of my proudest moments while working in Los Angeles came from an executive from one the largest department stores in the US thanking me (personally) for telling him camo was coming back.  Look for military themed shirts & jackets (tabs, pockets, and patches), shorts, and the even more popular desert boot to be marching into stores everywhere.

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