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Hey peeps, it’s 2010 already. I hope the holidays were filled with good times and great laughs amongst friends and family. For the new year, we, at yourKloset, hope to bring you all the necessary information to keep you up to date with all that’s happening out there, whether it be in the realm of fashion, entertainment, or lifestyle.

Now, let me introduce you all to Berangere Claire, a 29 year old from Lorraine, France, who launched her own clothing line (also called Berangere Claire) back in 2007. With her 1st collection, she quickly caught the attention of her fashion peers, the music industry, and art press and has been featured in magazines such as Elle, The Fader, WAD, and others.  Berangere Claire’s line includes clothing for both men and women. She uses simple and comfortable materials, such as cotton, wool, cashmere, and duffle. Her collections balance street wear, athletic attire, and high-end ready-to-wear. An emblem, the “Croix de Lorraine,” adorns each piece of her collections and reflects the designer’s origins.

Her criteria for men’s wear and women’s wear are that they are clean, simple, and easy to wear. I like the subtle and classic take of the French brand, yet she includes nice details that differentiate the line from others out there. I like it and I hope you like it too.

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  1. OK, the listed girls are smokin’ but these boy crazy.

  2. @ Meghan: Here:
    Go on the website and tell me if it’s the same things for the boys. P.S. U might wanna check out the CLOTHES. it’s pretty nice.

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