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Barker Black


Barker Black Shoe Catalogue

This is for the fellas. If you’re looking for a men’s shoe that is comparable to Christian Louboutin or Jimmy Choo, then you must go to Barker Black. The English brand is one of the hottest footwear brands around.

Barker Black Boots

According to the Barker Black Website:

Barker Black’s premiere collection is inspired by an ancient regiment of British guardsmen, the 17th Lancers. The Regiment’s original logo, a skull and crossbones with a banner posting their motto “…or glory” implies ‘Death or Glory’. Discovered in an ancient silk weaver’s archive in Sudbury, England, adopted by Barker Black Ltd. the decommissioned regiment’s motto captures the spirit energy, and sophistication of Barker Black, there is an unmistakable presence of the Lancers in every piece of the Collection.

Barker Black Shoes

Nicknamed “Bingham’s Dandies” because of their dress prowess, one imagines how the Lancers would dress themselves in today’s world. The Barker Black collection’s young, sleek, sophisticated design with a touch of arrogance, conjures up images of the regiment’s black and silver dress regalia. These principals are the cornerstones of Barker Black’s introduction to the American luxury market, all in an attempt to dress the modern day lancer.

Barker Black Leather Boots

Worn by every male fashionista, the Govenator Arnold Schwarzenegger, several actors, and your average rich bloke, these shoes are comfortable and stylish. The store is located in SoHo, NYC, on Elizabeth St. The friendly and well dressed store manager, Toure, makes sure that all of your footwear needs are catered to. Definitely stop in.  There’s something there for every taste, but not every wallet.  These shoes are considered the best of the best, so be prepared to pay Louboutin and Choo prices for these quality dog-catchers.

Barker Black

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