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Back To School Trends for the Modern Guy

Track Jacket Menswear

Last week I gave you my ABC’s of B-T-S and now it’s time to give you this school season menswear trends. Ironically, as I have hinted in some of my previous posts, this season’s trends are as androgynous as ever, with men and women trends going hand in hand (aka you and the girl you’re sitting next to in class may be wearing the same thing).  So enough typechat its time to get down to the goods, these are some of the major trends here in L.A. (and some personal favorites)

1.    Track/Varsity Jackets… in bright colors and a mix of different materials

Shawl Menswear

2.     Shawl Collar Sweater and Cardigans… I am not so much a fan of them, it is an odd cut, but on some people it looks good

Urban Leather Menswear

3.    A Leather Jacket… This season’s must have item. It is so classic, but so modern and cool at the same time. I really love this one from Urban that combines a fleece sweatshirt and a leather jacket.

Skulls Menswear

4.    Skulls…. You are as shocked as I was (but not bedazzled) think more of your basic skull and crossbones in the typical black and white. You can find it on sweaters, t-shirts and even belt buckles.

Helmut Lang Menswear

5.    Helmut Lang Jeans… ever since moving to LA, I have had to downgrade my premium denim to Levi’s and H&M, However while I was getting my car washed, I walked over to Helmut Lang (only in LA) and found the store on sale and got a pair of jeans for $74 rather than $215. They are soo comfy and I love the look of them

Pockets Menswear

6.    Pockets… I mentioned those pocket tees for girls a few posts back, but now its really hit mainstream and they are putting pockets on everything

Just make sure you save some money for books

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