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Another English Invasion: TOPSHOP in Canada

Arcadia Group has announced a couple months ago the arrival of UK’s high-street retailer, TOPSHOP to Canada. After the successful opening in Soho, New York, the Arcadia group made a deal with the Hudson’s Bay Company (The Bay/Baie), to bring Topshop fashions to Canada. With more than 50 stores all over the country, HBC will start off by introducing the British brand  in Vancouver, Montreal and Toronto. The Topshop shops will include not only women’s wear but men’s wear (TOPMAN brand) and accessories.

Topshop was first introduced back in England under the name Peter Robinson’s Top Shop, which was part of former department store chain Selfridge. Then the first stand-alone Topshop store opened its door’s in 1974. 4 years later, Arcadia Group created Topman, a men’s wear store which is considered as a separate chain, but is most of the time co-located with Topshop. In 2007, British supermodel Kate Moss and British artist Stella Vine both had the opportunity to separately design their own collection for the British brand. The result of which was absolute success.

The landing of Topshop in Canada will be a big step in Canadian fashion as most fashionistas/fashionistos, bloggers, stylists and so on, have been waiting for this moment for very long. This also means that shopping for fashion cravers with a moderate budget will no longer have to depend solely on H&M or Forever 21. We will all have more fun mix & matching a little bit a Swedish, American and English fashion styles.

With pleasure, we welcome Topshop in Canada as we did with the Queen Of England.

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