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Billy Reid – American Inspired

It seems that this season, Americans have had their touch on most of the fashion trends on the market. From preppy to workwear, almost every piece going from dress shirts to sweaters/knits to pants & shoes/boots are all inspired from American classics.

American brands such as Ralph Lauren, Red Wings, Gitman Vintage & Gant have all preserved their American heritage successfully for many years but one designer, in particular, managed to put a little bit more emphasis on the approach towards American classics, his name Billy Reid. Acclaimed best menswear designer by GQ magazine in 2010, this Alabama boy has centered his creative process on vintage America by using fabrics such as corduroy, herringbone & hounds tooth. With looks like the paperboy, the aviator & the preppy college student, Billy Reid has managed to concentrate fashion on America for the next 2 seasons. Don’t be surprised if next winter, you’re Americanized!

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